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June 27 - July 7, 2019 — YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia - Ontario, Canada

Welcome from the Founder and Music Director


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Eighteenth Season of JVL Summer School for Performing Arts “Music in The Summer” International Festival. The Festival will take place from June 27 – July 7, 2019, once again at YMCA Geneva Park, on the gorgeous shoreline overlooking beautiful Lake Couchiching, just a 90-minute drive north of Toronto. The festival will feature a full program of master classes, concerts, and competitions. Students and teachers of string instruments and piano from many different countries will arrive at beautiful Muskoka to take part in the Summer School program.

We are very happy to announce that in 2019, in order to accommodate a great desire of many parents to see their children in action, we have managed to move the dates so, that the Final Concert presentation will now be on Sunday, July 7. The new dates will also allow those students who cannot join due to their summer school commitments, to take part in the Festival.

We have prepared a program for you that encompass private lessons with internationally renowned teachers, with whom you will undoubtedly enrich your understanding and appreciation of music. The program of the School includes instrumental private lessons, master classes and workshops, chamber music classes, orchestral and ensemble classes, concert performances, solo performances with the SSPA orchestras. Performances in an acoustically superb Concert Hall and Serenade Concerts under the moonlight shore of Lake Couchiching will mesmerize our audiences and guests.

Participation in the festival is incredibly valuable for musicians of all ages and levels, and I cannot stress enough the importance of this event for young musicians! The extensive musical training they will receive during this period will inevitably have a great impact on their personal growth as musicians and as individuals, and it is evident that students have benefited from these tremendous learning opportunities in the past 17 years.

Magnificent 2018 Season!

What a great season was 2018! The Seventeenth Season of JVL Summer School for Performing Arts “Music In The Summer” Festivals 2018 both in Orillia and in Cremona, Italy were a great success. So many of our students reluctantly left the Festivals and both myself and our amazing faculty were sad to say goodbye to all of your great children for another year!

I really was taken by the commitment, attitude and discipline that our students displayed during these gruelling 11 days of music making. Without exception, every single student put in 100% effort into their musical studies and this was definitely shown beautifully during the final 3 concerts. By all accounts, this was the most successful season of JVL so far and we are excited to keep making bigger and better seasons to come!
At JVL we were very happy to welcome students from various parts of Canada and of course families from China who despite the language barrier manage to fully participate in all JVL activities and achieve a tremendous progress! It is heartening to see kids being so passionately involved in all musical activities (even those, that they don’t see as practical for their instrumental skills, but incredibly important, such as ear training etc.) let alone their instrumental, ensembles, chamber music, orchestral and of course the Musical Theatre! Both, faculty members and the students alike thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All students had the opportunity to flourish their skills as musicians, and successfully did so!

In Cremona, there were faculty and students from 30 different countries and that alone gave a whole new perspective to the overall experience. The experience and skills that were developed during this period helped all students to not only become better musicians but also to appreciate the art of music. I would like to give out a very special praise, which deserves to be made and to congratulate our own Cynthia Ding. Cynthia was awarded the First Prize at the Cremona International Strings Competition in Italy. Besides the prize money, she was also awarded a performance at the Winners Concert at one of the most prestigious European stages, the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi! This effort has also secured her a solo appearance with the Cremona Festival Orchestra in 2019. Congratulations!

The 2019 Season once again will feature two completely independent sessions. The first session will be held at YMCA Geneva Park in Orillia, Canada from June 27 to July 7, 2019, and the second session will be held (as in the past 11 seasons) in Cremona, Italy from July 10 to July 31, 2019.

We truly want to make JVL accessible to everyone; a close proximity (for our Canadian and American students) of the Geneva Park and our firm commitment to financially assist (through scholarships) those families who otherwise would not be able to afford participation in the festival. We sincerely hope that this JVL SSPA season will be absolutely inclusive and open to everyone!

JVL SSPA’s remarkable faculty — gifted and creative master teachers and musicians dedicated to the fine art of teaching, support all of this musical activity. This is a marvellous opportunity for children to explore the world of music and to have an incentive for continuous interest and participation in music. I hope that you will truly appreciate the fine work done by our web specialists. The process of enrollment is now much more simplified and it is very easy to navigate through various pages to find the required information.

— Jacob Lakirovich

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