The Nineteenth Season of the JVL Summer School for Performing Arts for the sixth year will take place in YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Canada as part of the JVL Summer Festival and will feature a full program of master classes, concerts, and competitions. Students and teachers of stringed instruments and piano from many different countries will arrive at beautiful Muskoka to take part in JVL Summer School for Performing Arts “Music in the Summer” International Festival.

The JVL Summer School for Performing Arts invites young and aspiring musicians to participate in the unique course of the Summer School. The course offers its participants a wonderful opportunity to combine their intensive and highly professional music studies under the tutelage of a distinguished faculty and concert performances with recreational activities.
The JVL Summer School for Performing Arts committed to the artistic development of young musicians of all ages. The program of the School includes instrumental private lessons, master classes and workshops, chamber music classes, orchestral and ensemble classes, concert performances, solo performances with the SSPA/Academy orchestras, as well as special seminars on ear training and theory of music. Individual instruction is only one part of the JVL curriculum. By placing special emphasis on chamber music, JVL SSPA gives students the opportunity to work in small groups where their individual contributions can be appreciated and critiqued. Opportunities for performance are also given to many chamber groups throughout the season. All that helps to create a rich tapestry of learning and exploration for students.

JVL SSPA’s remarkable faculty — gifted and creative master teachers and musicians dedicated to the fine art of teaching, supports all of this musical activity.

At the core of the program lies a commitment to strengthening the musicality of each student and awakening his or her musical responsiveness. Individual spirit and artistry are nourished, and ensemble and performance provide valuable social and artistic experiences and forces enthusiasm and perseverance.
We have received many e-mails from parents, students and the faculty, thanking JVL for a wonderful experience, and we would like to share with you just one letter that we’ve received right after the conclusion of the 2017 Festival. It came from a parent whose children for the first time attended the JVL. This unedited letter is reprinted with a great appreciation and with the permission of the sender:

Dear Jacob,

We all had an amazing time with all of you and your staff at the JVL music camp. Despite being a family of 6 and each of my children having varied strengths and challenges, we all had a fun, exceptional time. Not many places on this earth can accomplish this without a small fortune payed for people to pleasantly and cheerfully cater to your every need.

Most importantly, John, Vivian, Eric and Evelyn became more confident as people and have a redefined appreciation for the love of music. They embraced a resolution to be better every day at the piano and theater challenges! What an accomplishment to have Vivian and John sing on the last day! Both spoke freely of attending next year. Vivian wishes to continue with theater and John is excited to begin violin lessons with Olga! Eric had a peaceful time because the setting was spectacular and he was able to take gentile walks every day. Alina had a soft, special way of pulling out performance to meet expectation. This allowed Eric, and all my children, to perform confidently and do well with scales. Evelyn rose to so many challenges requested from the staff. I know this to be her strength, but she was amazed to see the confidence they had in her abilities. She returned home with shoulders square and a poise gifted to her by her time at JVL.

All of your staff were professional, of high standards, loving and supportive. Most made opportunity to speak with me individually during a convenient free moment during the 11 days. What an unexpected pleasure for me to meet such accomplished and amazing individuals during a busy camp schedule. The parents who attended were also part of the equation that made the daily camp routine a success. The support and encouragement they all imparted on their children and students performing was refreshing and heart-warming. This speaks to their character, but it also reflects your leadership and that of the staff you selected. The mood and energy of all was contagious!

I wish for you and your family a very happy year. Thank you for all your talents shared and those of your staff. See you in 2018!

Karen Davenport and Family

JVL SSPA “Music In The Summer” International Festival by the numbers

AgesFrom approx. 5 to adult.
Average age is 14
Chamber Music ensembles11
Piano Ensembles22
Violin ensebmles3
Violin duets15
Cello ensebmles2
LocationBetween Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe
Distance from Toronto135 km
Elevation219 metres
Area458 sq. km
Average daily high in the summer:25.7°C

Points of Interest / Area Attractions:


Waterfront of Orillia

  • Downtown Orillia
  • Stephen Leacock Memorial House
  • Orillia Opera House
  • Muskoka Theatre
  • Boat Cruises
  • Orillia Museum of Art and History
  • Norman Bethune Memorial House
  • Trent-Severn Waterway
  • Hardwood Hills, Mountain biking and Nordic Centre
  • OPP Museum
  • Artist Studios and Tours
  • Mariposa Market
  • Casino Rama

Stephen Leacock House museum in Orillia

Stephen Leacock House Orillia.jpg
By Jcart1534Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Christian missionary portion of the Samuel de Champlain monument designed by Vernon March in Orillia.

A bronze monument featuring a Christian missionary holding a cross high over the heads of two North American aboriginal peoples sitting at his feet
By mahfrot on Flickr, Public Domain, Link